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Progressive Cavity Pumps

Incorporated in 2010, Flosys is one of the best progressive cavity pump manufacturers in India. Founders of Flosys has three decades of experience in manufacturing progressive cavity pump.

Apart from cavity pumps, flosys also manufacture parts and spares for the same. Pumps and parts manufactured by us has global demand thanks to it international standard quality.

Our pumps can withstand highly corrosive environment and is able to handle different types of fluids like viscous, non-viscous, sludge and even Non-Newtonian fluids.

Progressive Cavity Pumps manufactured by Flosys are classified into four series. Each series has their own specification and applications.

FSP Series Progressive Cavity Pumps:

FSP Series cavity pumps are mainly used for industrial applications. Flosys cavity pumps have demand industries like Pertochemical, Chemical and Sewage waste water management.

All of these pumps are manufactured using Cast Iron, CF 8 ( AISI 304), CF8 M ( AISI 316) and Duplex Steel etc.

FSP – SERIES-Progressive-Cavity-Pump

Technical Specification of FSP Series

FSS Series Progressive Cavity Pumps:

FSS Series progressive cavity pump are mostly used in food and pharmaceutical industries. Pumps are designed in such a way to meet high standards of hygiene and sterilization.


Technical Specification of FSS Series.

FSH/W Series Progressive Cavity Pump:

FSH Wide throat progressive cavity pumps are specifically designed to handle Non-Newtonian fluids. The FSH/W pumps are equipped with wide hopper and augur type coupling which can push liquid gently into the pump element.


Technical Specification of FSS Series.

FSV Series Progressive Cavity Pumps:

FSV Series pumps are popularly known as barrel emptying or vertical sump pumps. These pumps are used industries where high suction is required. These pumps can be directly mounted inside the barrel while the motor can be kept outside.

FSV-FSB – SERIES1- Progressive-Cavity-Pumps

Technical Specification of FSS Series.

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