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Lobe Pumps

FSL Series – Sanitary Lobe Pumps

FSL – Series hygiene Lobe pumps have been specially developed to prevent product contamination and confined to the highest standards of hygiene, Sterilizing in Place (SIP)and Clean in place (CIP). The gentle pumping action minimize the shear and Crush damage to delicate liquid containing soft solids.

The material of construction of pump is AISI 304, AISI 316

Lobe Pumps

Technical Specification

Flow rate : 60M3/Hr
Pressure : 7kg/cm2

LOBE PUMP-drawing
Material of Construcation

Pump Casing : AISI 316
Rotor : AISI 316
Other Rotating Parts : AISI 316
Gear : EN 24
Casing / Back Cover : CI