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About us

Flosys Pumps was incorporated in the year 2010 by profossionals having experience in the relevant field (Pump and system technology) for over 3 decades. At Flosys , we have the technical strength necessary for manufacturing products that varies based on applications and process industries.

Flosys being a renowned market leader manufacturers and supplies comprehensive range of Progressive Cavity Pumps, Gear Pumps and replacement progressive cavity pumps parts for pumping applications.

Our pumps are used to handle variety of liquid like non viscous, viscous, corrosive, abrasive, high consistent, hygienic, fibrous, sludge, slurries with solid in suspension such as semisolids including Non Newtonian fluids.

We provide tailor-made service that meet client’s purpose at affordable prices. Our commitment to quality has earned us an enviable reputation worldwide.


vision1 We constantly endeavour to stay ahead the competition by striving hard to achieve high quality derived through best output at the right time. We continually upgrade our technology to accomplish absolute customer satisfaction.


To become a leading manufacturing of high quality products for all the customers and industries by maximizing product value and also by incorporating innovative solutions in line with the highest level of customer service. mission1

Our Strengths

  • Market – driven Products
  • Customer-focussed Solutions
  • Unparalled Levels of Services
  • Timely Delivery of Products
  • Precise & Highly Durable

Basic Design & Pumping Principle

The pumping element comprises of a precision machined single external helical metallic rotor and a double internal helix elastometer stator. Due to special profile of rotor and stator, a sealing line is formed along the axis of the rotor, which is maintained at static or dynamic condition.

As the rotor turns with in the stator, these cavities progress from suction to discharge end of the pump carrying the fluid.


  • Lengthy Geometry
  • Lower Slider Velocity
  • Higher Capacity with lower rotor dia & eccentricity
  • Increased Service Life
  • Stability in pressure & flow due to longer sealing lines
  • Reduced thrust loads on bearing & universal joint
  • Reduced vibration, Turbulence, Shear rates & pulsation
  • Smooth and even performance
  • Improved overall efficiency
  • Low NPSH R

Salient Features

  • Improved rotor and service geomtery
  • Cardan type universal joint
  • Convenient inspection windows
  • Easy drainage slope
  • Sealing housing standardised to ISO 3069 sealing chamber type
  • Optional shaft sleeve
  • Taper roller bearing
  • reversible