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Progressive Cavity Pumps

Flosys progressing cavity pumps are compact design, sturdy and powerful

Progressive Cavity Pumps

Technical Specification

Flow rate : up to -500M/hr
Pressure : up to-6,12,24,36,48 kg/cm
MOC : Pump body CI, CF8, CF8M Wettable part AS,Ts,AISI 304,AISI 316
Stator : NBR, HNBR, EPDM, Hypalone, Neopene, Viton, Silicon


Acid and Alkaline slurry, Bentonite slurry, Casein slurry, Ferrite slurry, Detergent slurry, Digested sewage,
De-watered sludge, Water to thickened sludge,Polyelectrolyte, Sodium silicate, Sulphited suger juice,
Industrial wastes, Vegetables oil, Prining ink, Petrolem jelly, Resins, Alum,Black liquor, Magma,
Coating mix, Paint, Gum sludge, Emulsion, Flocculants, Glue, Grout mix, Lates, Massecuite, Viscose, Varnish,
Molasses, Oil sludge, Spentwash, Paperpulp, Stock etc.
Salient Features

  • Improved rotor and service geomtery
  • Cardan type universal joint
  • Convenient inspection windows
  • Easy drainage slope
  • Sealing housing standardised to ISO 3069 sealing chamber type
  • Optional shaft sleeve
  • Taper roller bearing
  • reversible